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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "full color" name tag?

Full color name tags or name badges are not just one or two colors, but use computer graphics to print a photographic quality image onto your tag. Then a thin clear plastic film is added at high temperature to protect the image from scratching or wearing away with time. This is how Photo IDs are made as well. These are very classy name tags and your mind is the limit on what can be shown.

What signs can you make?

We can make any sign up to 2' X 4'. We make hours of operation signs, no smoking signs, open and closed signs, handicap signs, door numbers, restroom signs, etc. We can engrave words in any style or color or have symbols like on the restroom or handicap signs. We make custom signs for what you need.

What are zipper pulls?

Zipper pulls or zipper pull tabs are small plastic tabs that attach to any zipper. When you want to unzip that zipper instead of having to try to grab that tiny metal tab on the zipper, you can grab the larger zipper pull tab and pull it. This is very useful if you have gloves on and want to zip up your coat. However, they are more than just useful they also have engraved a custom saying or thought. This makes the zipper pulls into novel reminders as well.

What does LDS mean?

LDS stands for Latter-Day Saints. There is a religious organization called "The Church or Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" commonly referred to as the Mormons. Naag Tag does a lot of work for this group; inspirational mirrors, usher tags, plaques, etc. For more information please refer to their web page at

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